They’re Incredible! Incredibles 2 Hydroliner & Elasticycle Review

I took Big L to see Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 in the summer holidays and we both loved it!

We were asked to review the Incredibles 2 Hydroliner and Elasticycle and we jumped at the chance. Having seen the film we knew how the two vehicles played their part in saving the world.

I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting much – I find a lot of film merchandise  isn’t that well thought out but I was pleasantly surprised.

First of all neither toy requires batteries – HURRAH!!

So onto the toys:

Incredibles 2 Hydroliner

What a gem of a toy this is!

Let me tell you taking it out of the packaging is no easy task, and once you have you then need to pull tape off of all the little doors and so on. But once that’s done you are good to go.

disney pixar, incredibles 2, hydroliner, elastigirl,

The Incredibles 2 Hydroliner in all it’s glory. Complete with watercraft, Elastigirl, projectiles and life saver

The Hydroliner comes with an Elastigirl figure, watercraft (speedboat), lifesaver and 2 projectiles (missiles).

disney pixar, incredibles 2, hydroliner, elastigirl,

Incredibles 2 Hydroliner with Elastigirl manning the watercraft

The craft itself has many doors to open and components, moving parts and other exciting features just like the one in the film itself.

disney pixar, incredibles 2, hydroliner, elastigirl,

Incredibles 2 Hydroliner with Elastigirl manning the helm, and showing Mr Freeze’s slide

The canon on the top fires the projectiles – this was a great source of amusement Little L who is 2 (and a half). It’s great for warding off baddies.

There is the ice slide made by Mr Freeze and a long arm on the back.

disney pixar, incredibles 2, hydroliner, elastigirl,

The rear of the Incredibles 2 Hydroliner showing the moveable extendable arm

The Incredibles 2 Hydroliner is a great way to spark children’s imagination. Watching Big L play with this for ages on his own, and making up stories. It was a big hit with his friend too. All the different doors and gadgets kept them amused for ages.

It makes a nice change for a toy not to require batteries or lights and sounds, just add imagination and away you go!

Incredibles 2 Elasticycle

This one also required a degree in engineering just to remove it from the box – that and some sharp scissors. But once it’s done it’s done!

Again no batteries required – happy days!

disney pixar, incredibles 2, elasticycle, elastigirl

Elastigirl on the Elasticycle – ready to save the world!

With the Elasticycle you get the Elasticycle, Elastigirl, her helmet (she’s going to need that!) and the launch pad thingy

disney pixar, incredibles 2, elasticycle, elastigirl

Elastigirl ready to launch!

To play you place the Elastibike on the launch pad, ensuring it clips in so the cogs meet. Then you turn the handle. The more you turn the more the bike, and Elastigirl s-t-r-e-t-c-h! Once you have enough momentum you stop turning the handle (or it can also shoot off on its own, whichever comes first).

disney pixar, incredibles 2, elasticycle, elastigirl

The Handle on the launch pad. Turn to launch the Elasticycle

Let me tell you this thing can really move – as you can see from our video!

The Elastibike went down well with all the boys (including the big one in his 30s!). Although it’s not full of gimmicks it kept them amused for a long time. I said amused – not quiet! There is a lot of shouting that goes along with the Elastibike hurtling across the floor!

What I love about the Hydroliner and Elastibike

I loved both of the toys because they encouraged imaginative play and kept the children occupied (but not quiet, as I said – you can’t have it all) for some time.

We’ve had them for a week now and they’ve been played with lots. This is always a good sign!

Neither need batteries which is a plus for me. Neither make an electronic noise which makes a nice change.

Both toys have a RRP of £39.99 and are available from all good toy shops and this affiliate link (please see my disclosures for full information)

[amazon_link asins=’B074WC83SN’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’incidentalpar-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’9cacc24c-ed89-11e8-ad3a-8b3fc942747c’]
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* We were sent both toys for free to review but all words and pictures are my own


*Contains affiliate links

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