Zuru Bunch o Balloons Review and Giveaway

Last week was Big Ls 8th birthday which just so happened to coincide with a big box of Bunch o Balloons landing on our doorstep!

Zuru are currently running a “Splash to Win” giveaway with some fab prizes including Yvolution scooters, drones and games consoles on Bunch o Balloons packs. Sadly none of our packs were winners but we have been entered into a draw for the grand prize – A CAR!

To celebrate Big Ls big birthday we had a few of his friends round after school

I sent their mums a message to ask them to pack a change of clothes so we could make good use of the Bunch o Balloons and the filler/soaker. This was of course top secret until the big day itself.

Each pack of three sets of 100 balloons comes with an adapter for whatever type of outside tap / hose you have so you can fill the balloons without wasting too much water.

They fill up petty quicky so get ready!

bunch o balloons

A bucket full of Bunch o Balloons

My top tip when filling the bunch o Balloons would be to put a big bucket underneath to catch them as they fall off

The super soaker/filler takes a bit of practice to fill the balloons but when you get the hang of it it’s fairly easy.

Then the fun starts!

If the Bunch o Balloons are full enough and launched with enough force they will burst on impact

It turns out I have a pretty good aim. Throwing towards a fence situated behind your victim gives a particular sense of satisfaction!

bunch o balloons

Big L launching an attack on one of his friends

The biggest problem I found was the boys that seem quite happy to dish it out but less inclined to take a soaking. Well, never fear, I ensured that they were all soggy by the time we finished.

Monsieur Incidental was probably worst hit as all the boys ganged up on him.

Even Little L got involved and throughly enjoyed himself as you can see

zuru bunch o ballons

Little L loving the water balloons from Bunch o Balloons

Once the fun is over you can collect up the bits and pop them in the bin. The boys didn’t find that part so much fun I’m afraid. However the balloons and sticks are biodegradable and recyclable which pleased all of us. 

You can get Zuru Bunch o Balloons from pretty much everywhere – even in Sainsburys – and also from these affiliate links:


I have a giveaway of 1 pack of “Splash to Win” 3 pack Bunch o Balloons and 1 super soaker / filler enter here:

Bunch o Balloons

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