Sevenoaks Pantomime – Dick Whittington at the Stag Theatre

We’ve been going to the Sevenoaks Pantomime for the last 5 or 6 years

Big L is 7 now and thoroughly enjoys it. We went last year and he thought Danny Beard as The Mirror in Sleeping Beauty was just awesome. He’s back this year so we had to go.

Danny (who isn’t really called Danny but I can’t get my addled brain around that so I will continue to call him that until told otherwise) invited us to the after party as Big L is such a huge fan.

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Danny Beard looking fabulous as The Spirit of London

I’d like to point out that I paid for our tickets – so don’t think I’m writing a review of a freebie. I am always objective when writing reviews, free or otherwise, but I think it’s important to say when something was free or paid for.

On to the show – Dick Whittington the Sevenoaks Pantomime

There was a 20 minute wait due to technical difficulties but to be honest it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Plus this won’t be a regular occurrence, it was the second night and they want to get things just right.

Things have come a long way in set design in recent years and the Sevenoaks Panto is making the most of this. They use a screen for the set and around the stage. This certainly adds to the experience.

It’s a pantomime, the favourite routines are always there

Of course there is the ghost routine. And it wouldn’t be Sevenoaks Panto if you don’t get a bit wet with a super soaker.

sevenoaks panto, sevenoaks pantomime, stag theatre, things to do in sevenoaks, kent pantomime

Tommy the cat

And you can always expect a few double entendres. Come on, it’s Dick Whittington, he has a cat. There is going to be at least one Dick and Pussy joke and I’d be disappointed if there wasn’t! A few Dicks were wanged about too. Not in the literal sense.

Don’t tell the kids but there is fake snow on stage too. Big L loved that (so did I)!

It is called a pantomime but in all honesty it really isn’t. Sevenoaks Pantomime is so much more!

Last year we went to a rival town’s pantomime and although it was good it wasn’t a patch on Sevenoaks’ offering. In the 5 or 6 years that we’ve been going to Sevenoaks Pantomime the production has got better and better. It continues to move with the times where many stick to the traditional route.

The cast has many regulars return year after year

And this year is no exception with Jasette Amos as Queen Rat, Lucy Reed as Alice and the welcome return of Silly Billy – who gives me hope as the class clown as he’s older than me. I think he pulls off dungarees better than I ever will though.

Jassette is a particular favourite here and does goodies as well as she does baddies. She is hilarious!

It’s always nice to go to a show where the chemistry between the cast is obvious and it this show is no exception. I love it when the cast play tricks on each other or share a private joke. Or just can’t get through their lines without laughing.

sevenoaks panto, sevenoaks pantomime, things to do in sevenoaks

Silly Billy & Queen Rat trying to keep it together

Sevenoaks Panto is an all (Gospel) singing, all dancing, all-out feast for the eyes and ears

Every year Magic Beans productions ramp up the performance. This year is the first year they have a gospel choir and it’s awesome! The choir lends itself so well to the show. Not only is there a gospel choir but there are aerial dancers, and dancers with fire.

I have to admit I feared for the safety of the aerial dancers over the fire – no bottoms were burnt!

The addition of Danny Beard last year was a huge hit in our house. My (then) six year old was mesmerized by him and we’re so glad he’s back. The national press have picked up on the fact that he is the first gender fluid panto character this year – only a year late but better late than never. I have to say that I’m proud that my little town is the first to do this.

All in all Sevenoaks Pantomime has excelled itself once again

Tickets are from £15. Top tier tickets for adults are £27 which is more than I like to pay (because I’m skint) but there are deals to be had. I would really recommend you go because we had a whale of a time and I’m sure you would too.

You can buy tickets for Sevenoaks Panto from their website or from the Stag Theatre

*the photos are taken from Sevenoaks Panto Facebook page as no photography is allowed during the performance



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