School run car

You would be forgiven for thinking I’m obsessed with the school run. I am. I hate it! To that end I’ve compiled a list of ways to spot a school run car, starting with –


1) Scratches to the bumper from all the head to toe parking outside the school and escaped trolleys at the supermarket that seem to be a magnet for school run cars

Scratched bumper school run car
Scratched bumper

2) Dents in the door from kids flinging the door open and no parent and child spaces available in the supermarket so having to park in close proximity to other cars
3) Finger and face prints  peering from the inside rear windows due to the “let me out” faces pressed against them. Not to mention the snot trail wiped down the window. Ugh!


4) Sticky patches from drinks, sweets, sandwiches crisps even sun lotion you name it, it’s sticky and in your car
5) Rubbish tons and tons of rubbish from sweet wrappers, crisp packets and lolly sticks to leaves, twigs, stones and other “precious” items picked up on walks that cannot possibly be discarded before entering the car. The list is endless and it usually ends up blowing down the road every time you open your car door – cue frantic mum chasing after a rogue Starburst wrapper
6) Car seats a necessity and a harbourer of a multitude of germs. Washed once in a blue moon, usually only when absolutely necessary like a vomit or poo related incident. Have you ever tried to get the covers back on? Even YouTube isn’t your friend there!

Car seats school run car
Car seats, blankets and various crap

7) Dvd screens or tablets or games or books anything to keep the little darlings amused on long (and short) journeys
8) Chargers for above mentioned electronic amusement aids. We have a multi adapter plugged into the cigarette lighter in our car. Yep! It’s that desperate

Charger school run car
Charger, used tissues – for cleaning my glasses, obviously! Sticky front seat (there is no relation to the marks on the front seat and the dirty tissues. Honest)

9) Blankets and a boot full of crap.  Blankets either to keep the kids warm or for picnics. We even have one of those with a waterproof backing, I know. We’re posh (we’re not)

Blanket school run car
Picnic blanket, changing bag, shopping bags – nice and tidy!

10) Harassed adult behind the wheel. Usually Mum but often Dad or childminder.

There you have it.  My top ten ways to spot a school run car.  If you have any others to add to the list I’d love to hear them

For the purposes of disclosure this is actually our car. Yes it needs a clean.

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  1. My boot is full of “in case of emergency stuff”. It gets added after an emergency where I didn’t have whatever essential item I needed, and of course once it’s added it will never be needed or indeed found again! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. Author

      Haha! I drove around with a shovel in my boot for months after it snowed once. Well out of snow season!

  2. This is my car. When I shove Oldest out at the school gates I have to hold back the tide of rubbish that threatens to drown the playground. I also have millions of wet-wipes and random shoes for some reason and hats! Lots of hats just in case #FridayFrolics

  3. We are lucky and walk to school everyday but I too absolutely loathe the schoolrun. My car sounds like it looks like yours too though. We also have blankets!! #fridayfrolics

    1. Author

      We walk these days too. Far easier than that rigmarole!

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