The cost of single parenting

I was brought up by a single parent

Back in the eighties, when I was a child, things were very different. Parents didn’t suffer quite the same “pester power” they do now. Of course it existed but not in the same way. There were no television channels dedicated to children and therefore not as much advertising targeted towards kids.

In the holidays we’d go out on our bikes, go to the local park for a picnic or to the swings. Looking back I had an idyllic childhood spent on the main outdoors. 

My best friend lived two minutes down the road and we would disappear to each others houses for hours on end. And summers meant camping in the back garden 

Times have changed and there is much more for kids to do

These days there are many more activities, the cinema is far a more expensive outing, there are soft play centres, trampoline parks, bowling – the list goes on. 

Don’t get me wrong, these are great family activities and the more children have to do can only be a good thing. The problem is they all cost money, quite a significant amount of money. The family deals offered are great but this is where being a member of a single parent family costs you more, the family deals often only apply to two adults and two children. Even the cost of holidaying abroad is more for a single parent family.

Single parent families end up paying supplements for ALL sorts of things. That cannot be fair

Being a single parent means only one adult paying the bills too. Even if you get maintenance for your children this rarely covers your costs. 

A working single parent performs a juggling act of drop offs and pick ups. Arranging childcare, arranging time off work to attend plays and sports days or being forced to miss them.

Being a single parent you are both good cop and bad cop. There is no back up a bedtime, when they are playing up or when they are sick. Single parents spend sleepless nights with poorly children and have to take time off work if there is no one else to look after them.

Bills still have to be paid and things can mount up. This is where The Campaign comes in. They are there to offer helpful advice and solutions to those in need.

They can offer help with how to afford those days out as a single parent family, where and how to apply for help with childcare, the best way to save on your bills ( for instance, switching suppliers – negotiating discounts and so on) and more. Even helping to actually save money, when it feels like you can’t make ends meet.

Single parents need as much help and support as we can give them, both emotionally and financially and this is a great start.

*This was a collaborative post 


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