Halloween BC (Before Children) and AC (After Children)

Halloween, oh how I love thee

I’ve long had a fascination for the macabre. I even dabbled in witchcraft for a while (which will come as no surprise to anyone who’s actually met me I’m sure).

As a child I wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating, my mum believed that it was begging. She still does truth be told. But I’m now I’m a fully grown adult (though that’s debatable in some circles) and I can do what I bloody well want! Obviously I don’t go banging on doors, dressed in my best costume, asking for sweets. No, I hide behind my children.

Halloween before children was quite exciting. Dressing up, and going out, possibly being unrecognisable, I found very liberating.

It’s great fun being a single young woman at Halloween. Getting ready as a group, doing each other’s make up and, inevitably, getting trashed before you leave the house. Come on, drink is expensive and we all do it – I still do!

I have to be honest, this wasn’t my best effort at a costume. I’m the one on the right

Off you’d go to your local. I think it’s fair to say that the menfolk are harder to recognise at Halloween. They usually wear a full on mask so you’ve no idea who you’re flirting with (usually until it’s too late).

Before children you’ll likely be snogging the scream mask, or a werewolf by 10pm. And trick or treating was less begging for sweets and more discovering who was under the scream mask.

After children Halloween is a different affair. Instead of being (consensually) dragged down an alley by a drunken werewolf you’re being marched around dimly lit streets by a monster of your own making.

“Can we go trick or treating, Mummy?” cries Big L.

“I suppose so, if it’s organised properly”.

Trick or Treating in these parts is generally a civilised affair involving checking with neighbours first or, at the very least, only knocking on the doors of houses that have a pumpkin in the window. I appreciate this is not the case for everyone but for us it is.

Our first Halloween party after Big L was born – clearly takes after his father, you can see it inΒ  the eyes

A haul of sweets the size of the child’s head is to be expected. In fact I think we still have some from last year at the back of the cupboard somewhere.

Cue a gaggle of over excited monsters. The effort ranges from a mask bought from the supermarket to full on face-paint and home-made costume. I’ll leave to your imagination which category my children fit into. Hint: I don’t do crafts

Once the excitement has worn off and the kids are finally in bed we settle down to watch a horror film.

I used to love horror films but children ruined me. I still watch them but from under a blanket and with one eye shut. We watched IT the other night – I’m ruined now.

So yeah, Halloween BC and AC. Similar, yet oh so very different (basically there’s more sweets and less snogging).

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