I fucking love Christmas! I really do! Especially Christmas Eve. It is my all time favourite day of the whole year. Without a shadow of a doubt. It outshines birthdays by a country mile. Seeing all the houses decorated gives me the warm and fuzzies That and a good heap of alcohol which is positively encouraged at this time of year. It’s what the baby Jesus would have wanted, without which many of the sins for which he died would not have been committed. I love the anticipation. It’s all about build up for me. And I really suffer a Christmas come-down over the followingRead More →

Baking with kids – what a joy! I always had big ideas, nay, ideals, of baking with my children. When I was little I used to bake with my mum and my Granny. Granny used to bake once a week on a Thursday. She had a big mixing bowl and I would go to her house and help. I have fond memories of the quality time spent with her. Bonding over a mixing bowl and licking the spoon. It was idyllic. Well, that woman must have had the patience of a saint Either that or I was a darn site better at cooking than myRead More →

Halloween, oh how I love thee I’ve long had a fascination for the macabre. I even dabbled in witchcraft for a while (which will come as no surprise to anyone who’s actually met me I’m sure). As a child I wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating, my mum believed that it was begging. She still does truth be told. But I’m now I’m a fully grown adult (though that’s debatable in some circles) and I can do what I bloody well want! Obviously I don’t go banging on doors, dressed in my best costume, asking for sweets. No, I hide behind my children. HalloweenRead More →