Christmas Eve – The most wonderful time of the year!

I fucking love Christmas!

I really do! Especially Christmas Eve. It is my all time favourite day of the whole year. Without a shadow of a doubt. It outshines birthdays by a country mile.

Seeing all the houses decorated gives me the warm and fuzzies

That and a good heap of alcohol which is positively encouraged at this time of year. It’s what the baby Jesus would have wanted, without which many of the sins for which he died would not have been committed.

christmas day, christmas tree, family christmas

Granny Incidental, Big L and me Christmas Day 2014

I love the anticipation. It’s all about build up for me. And I really suffer a Christmas come-down over the following weeks.

We have a few traditions on Christmas Eve

We ALWAYS leave the stockings in the living room, this making Father Christmas job easier and lessening the chances of him waking the children.

Father Christmas ALWAYS leaves magic dust (not the narcotic kind) boot-prints. It smells a lot like talc to be honest…

christmas, magic dust, father charstimas, santa, stockings

Magic dust boot prints leading to two Christmas stockings

We ALWAYS sprinkle reindeer food (the non toxic kind).

We ALWAYS leave a special plate out for the big FC with a mince pie, glass of something and a carrot. He ALWAYS drinks the something and eats the mince pie. The reindeer ALWAYS leave enough carrot to be convincing – said carrot is often used for Christmas dinner with a small bite mark

father christmas plate, santa plate, mince pie, carrot

Our special plate with treats for the Big Man and his reindeer

Last year was the first year we had matching PJ’s and (assuming they all still fit) we’ll wear them again this Christmas Eve

elf pyjamas, elf pjs. selfie, elf elves

The family in our elf pyjamas

We ALWAYS have a bottle of Prosecco (or Champagne) in the afternoon/evening. Vince is French and his family have their big Christmas meal on Christmas Eve so we usually have a reasonable sized dinner, or something French too.

Last year I was sent a cocktail set to review and that will finally get an airing once again. Monsieur Incidental makes a marvellous Cosmopolitan and I enjoy drinking them. I can see that becoming a tradition.

I simply cannot wait for Christmas Eve, and then Christmas morning. It really is the most wonderful time of year.

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