A Blogger’s Guide to Using Social Media

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When I started blogging, almost four years ago now, I’ll admit, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing!

I mean one. Not a clue. I didn’t even follow any bloggers. I honestly thought I could type my words onto the internet and the world would read them. How wrong I was!

After setting up my free WordPress account and writing a post or two no one was reading my words.

I shared my posts to my own personal Facebook page and it was read by friends, and my mum – thanks mum! It took a good few months of floundering before I discovered Facebook groups for bloggers. I quickly learned that I needed to up my social media game.

By increasing your social media you automatically increase your readers. And using scheduling tools you can manage your social media calendar and the most of posting at optimum times even when you aren’t online.

Which social media platforms do bloggers use?

The simple answer is ALL OF THEM!

I haven’t met a blogger who doesn’t have a favourite platform. Mine is Facebook. I have a lovely following on Facebook. It is not a huge number but on the whole they are a lovely bunch who are highly engaged. My Facebook Page is a bit of a safe place, even though it is public. I don’t take any nonsense and I am all too happy to ban people who don’t play nicely. I personally would rather lose followers than have angst on my page but others would disagree.

It is my understanding the PR companies prefer Instagram, that seems to be where the money is but you need AT LEAST five, preferably thousand engaged followers. Instagram is hard to build I have found. It is more a place where people like to dream about what their house/garden/family/holiday could be like, if only they too had the cash. Instagram isn’t the place for me, an overweight forty something living in a mid terrace rental. I’m not bitter.

I have my largest following on Twitter. Twitter is easy to build a following on but I just don’t get it. It is not my favourite. It moves too fast and there are lots of opinionated trolls. It is not my safe place. However, it is a great place to make local connections and keep in touch with other businesses.

As well as “the big three” there are Pinterest (which is actually a search engine NOT social media, but keep that to yourselves) and is a huge referrer of traffic for bloggers, TikTok, Snap chat and other platforms that I am either too old, too uncool or both to get.  

What do bloggers and influencers do when they get too busy for all this social media malarkey?

So, all this social media takes up A LOT of time. Planning your content and using a scheduling tool to keep on top of your social media management are great ways to work smart. I have to admit I tend to fly by the seat of my pants but I need to get to grips and plan my time more efficiently – imagine how successful I could be if I actually put my mind to it?! 

Another thing you can do is employ someone to help. A lot of people have friends who help admin pages and groups for them, a lot of them do it for love but you can pay a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are like personal assistants but, well, they are virtual. They can take on all sorts admin tasks for you, even doing your social media scheduling, pin on Pinterest and manage your emails. 


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