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A beginners guide to SEO for bloggers – how to get seen

I started blogging just over 2 years ago and have been “self hosted” for two in January. I started blogging because friends suggested it. I used to ramble on on Facebook and they thought my amusing anecdotes deserved a wider audience than just friends. So I set up a blog. …

Why I’m not an inspiration

I am not an inspiration – there, I said it I’ve just come home from a wonderful weekend away with my blogging buddies. I was on a total high. Everything was going so well. Then I got a message. One measly message has put me from cloud 9 to rock …

The 10 commandments of blogging

The ten commandments of blogging As told by a mediocre blogger, me. “I am the Lord, Google. Thou shalt bear no false idol aside from me .” Google is GOD. Google is a vengeful God and will smite thee should you be found to be selling follow links. Especially follow …

Bullying – what can we learn from our children?

This week is Anti Bullying Week How do I know this? Because Little L (aged 6 and a half) has come home with dreams of joining the “Anti-Bullying Alliance” (it might not actually be called that but you get the gist). He is so determined to stand up to bullies …

Regaining my identity – the Blog On way

A couple of weeks ago I abandoned left my children in the capable hands of my partner in sunny Kent and caught the train to Manchester for the weekend to attend my first ever blogging conference – Blog On Xmas.  I travelled up with the (sort of) lovely Fran from …


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