10 reasons my kids drive me mad

I love my kids, I really do but they often do things that make me want to tear my hair out.  That’s one of the reasons I got into this blogging lark, it kind of keeps me sane even when I am getting closer to needing a hair transplant!  So, without further ado here are things that my kids do on a daily basis that drive me mildly crackers

  1. Procrastinate – Big L is the offender here.  We now have a rule that he has to get dressed BEFORE breakfast, prior to this rule I was screaming “get dressed or I’m leaving without you” at least 5 times.  Which was pointless of course seeing as it was him that needs to go to school and I was hardly likely to walk all that way without him.
  2. Not go to effing sleep – they both have their moments here.  Little L has recently started to self settle at the grand old age of 18 months.  I daren’t say too much in case I jinx it.  Big L used to be fab but lately we have “I need a drink/wee/hug” (delete as appropriate) every damn night.  As I type this, it is approaching 9pm.  He’s been in bed since before 8pm and he’s STILL not asleep.  In fact he’s just asked if we can turn the volume on the television down.  Bless him…

    I spoke too soon. Here is Little L fighting sleep

  3. Early rising.  WHY? WHY? They stay up at night yet they are still up early.  DON’T wake me to play Minecraft before 7am for the sake of all that is good and holy.
  4. Getting ALL OF THE TOYS out of the box.  I don’t just mean a small box.  I mean all of the boxes in the Trofast (other storage systems are available).  And then MIXING THEM UP when it’s put away.  Godammit it does my OCD no favours!
  5. Taking forever to eat.  WHY?  The promise of pudding is there.  You KNOW you have to eat your dinner prior to pudding (OK most of it, at least half…just make an effort)
  6. Walking slowly.  I don’t mean because they have little legs, no, I mean that speed on the way to school reserved for when they know you are running late.  Then you get the “my feet hurt” just to make you feel worse
  7. Being noisy – they have one volume and that is LOUD.  This is especially irritating when you have a hangover (which obviously NEVER happens)
  8. Touching things they shouldn’t – mainly the TV screen.  In fairness I don’t think they quite understand it isn’t touch screen

    All of the toys. Actually this isn’t even half of it

  9. Climbing on things they shouldn’t – Little L is the current offender.  He climbs on the dining chairs, up the stairs (we can’t have a stairgate due to our stairs being awkward) yet he still refuses to bloody walk.
  10. Controlling their temper – I don’t just mean throwing a paddy when they don’t get their own way, I mean getting upset at the smallest things, if something goes wrong, if they don’t like the food on their plate.  Oh my!  And they can flutter their eyelashes (where did they learn that?). The emotional blackmail is real!

So , there we have it. My top ten ways my beautiful babies drive me mad.  I could have added more but, you know…time!  What would you add to the list?



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