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I have more than a passing interest in horoscopes and the like, even more so that Monsieur Incidental and I share a birthday.  I know it’s a bit weird, it seemed romantic when we first met but now not so much.  I do feel that people tend to have the characteristics of their horoscope. I have a book that describes characteristics by birth day and mine couldn’t be more accurate.  When I was approached by Flying Flowers for their new campaign I was intrigued.  I have heard of horoscopes and so on but never birth flowers so I had a look here and was quite surprised at what I found.



Gladioli – August Birth flower

Both Monsieur Incidental and I were born in August which is represented by gladioli, I think the description of us having strong personalities and moral integrity is fairly accurate (although some may disagree!). Our strong personalities often mean that we can be quite stubborn but luckily we share the same views and opinions on most subjects so that doesn’t cause too many problems.



Rose – June birth flower


Big L was born in June which is represented by the rose and they are likely to be romantic, sensitive, and in touch with their emotions.  Big L is most definitely sensitive whether he will be romantic remains to be seen!  He’s certainly a hit with a few of the girls in his class and he’s quite happy playing with both boys and girls (which I’m glad about).  My mum was also a June baby, and she is also a sensitive soul.



Daffodil – March Birth flower

Little L was born in March, at 17 months his personality is still developing but he is most definitely very different to his big brother.  The birth flower for March is the daffodil and suggests babies born in this month will grow to be charismatic people who easily relate to others with their affectionate nature. I can confirm that Little L is very charismatic, he is already quite adept at using his cheeky nature to get his own way and has learnt that a big grin goes a long way.  He’s also a very affectionate character and is never happier than when he’s having a cuddle.

I think, as with horoscopes, you can read into them what you want.  Maybe they are a load of nonsense, maybe they aren’t but I think for most they are harmless fun.  You can join the conversation with @Flyingflowers on Twitter using the hashtag #gettingtoknowyou


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