Budget gift and birthday party ideas for an 8 year old boy

Some of the items in the were gifted products. All opinions are my own

How did it happen? My eldest is 8! Buying gifts for 8 year old boys isn’t always easy. Knowing what to plan for an 8 year olds party can be even more difficult

We were on a budget this year so, this is what we did and bought.

Throwing an 8 year old’s birthday party on a budget

We were lucky enough to be sent some Bunch o’ Balloons to review so I used these to our benefit and organised a small party at home with a couple of school friends. I messaged their mums and asked the to send them in with spare clothes. I picked the 8 year old boys up from school and headed home.

bunch o balloons

Big L launching an attack on one of his friends

Once home I chucked them in the back garden and filled up the balloons. In no time at all we were all soaked to the skin and the boys were thoroughly enjoying themselves. This coupled with the water pistols we already had lasted a good hour or so. The balloons were gifted but would have cost about £10.

zuru bunch o ballons

Little L loving the water balloons from Bunch o Balloons

Party food for an 8 year old

For dinner we had a McDonalds. What can I say?! It was easy! I ordered via Uber but it kept being put back so I had to go and collect it. I won’t be bothering with Uber again! In total dinner was about £25

I normally do a food delivery order for parties though, with all the old favourites, and try and get everything that is easy to plate up.

I bought a large chocolate cake from Tesco, which was about £6 


8 year olds gifts:

Books for an 8 year old boy

I don’t know about your kids but mine are very keen on reading and gaming, in particular Minecraft. We were sent this personalised Minecraft book by www.inthebook.com which Big L loved. There were lots of different books to choose from. 

minecraft, personalised book, mojang,

Big L’s personalised Minecraft book

He has also progressed from Horrid Henry to Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates recently so we bought him the most recent ones from the series. We have also picked up a lot of these from local selling sites. They are usually really good condition and much cheaper. Plus it’s good to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Toiletries for an 8 year old boy

We were sent the Colgate Magik toothbrush. Big L has always been pretty good at brushing his teeth but, as with everything, gets a little distracted. The Magik Toothbrush has an app that keeps them focused on brushing for the full duration.

Colgate Magik Toothbrush

Colgate Magik Toothbrush

Aftershave! Big Ls grand[parents bought him some “Minions” eau de toilette that he loves to wear for special occasions and actually smells pretty good. 

Games for an 8 year old boy

Of course what he would ideally like is a Nintendo Switch. He is currently saving up for that though, we think it’s important that he learns the value of money and they are expensive even for a “main” present. As a family we still play Wii Sports. We also play Minecraft together. Big L likes to allocate tasks to us and we build a castle together and so on.  

A “main present” for an 8 year old boy

Big L was very lucky that Dan TDM was touring around his birthday! He is a huge Dan TDM fan and we were able to get tickets (we paid, they weren’t free). It was a very entertaining evening and I would recommend it for any Dan TDM fan – it is pricey though!

Clothes for an 8 year old boy

Own clothes day happened to fall on Big L’s birthday and at the last minute he asked for a t-shirt with “I am 8” or some such on it. I scoured the internet for something I could get delivered on time and came across Moonpig. They had t-shirts that look like football shirts that can be personalised. So I got a personalised t shirt with his surname and 8 on the front and back. It arrived the next day and Big L was over the moon with it (pun intended). It was a really nice quality t shirt too and a decent price at £13.51 including delivery.

personalised birthday t shirt

Personalised birthday t-shirt from Moonpig

I hope this gives you a few ideas on how to celebrate an 8th birthday on a budget. If you have any other ideas feel free to comment!

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