Essential Items for Children Starting School

This is a collaborative post

I have two children who are both in Primary School so I think I am now fairly well versed in what they really need, the essential items for starting and continuing through Primary School

Here are the items that I have found to be a necessity when starting Primary school, I hope you find it useful.

School Uniform

Most schools here require a uniform, some are less strict than others. At ours we are permitted to buy items wherever we like. As long as they are the correct colour, they do not need a logo. Most people have one logo jumper to pull out for special occasions but you will probably find you can buy one second hand from the school shop.

We have bought our uniform from either TU at Sainsbury’s or Marks & Spencer for years. Both are great quality and last the year (unless they are grown out of). Most supermarkets will have some sort of deal on (although this last year they have not been quite so generous) so make the most of them and buy early as they can and do run out of sizes as the new school year approaches.

School shoes

I have found that supermarket shoes just don’t cut it, sadly. It is definitely a case of buy cheap buy twice, if not more. Take my advice and invest in a decent pair of school shoes from the outset. Clarks or Geox have always seen us through a year.


Not only will you need labels for clothes but also for shoes, bags, water bottles, pencil cases, basically if it goes into school it needs to be labelled. Honestly I cannot tell you how much goes missing but at least if it is labelled it has half a chance of being returned at some point.

Outdoor school coat

A lot of schools have restrictions on the colour of outdoor coat which I think is daft. Young children need to be seen and if they are walking to school in the winter months a brightly coloured coat is ideal. Luckily for us our school is happy with any colour coat. I try to buy something that stands out because it also helps to see them in the dark. Kids spend a lot of time outdoors at school these days so something that is warm and waterproof, or at least showerproof is ideal.

School stationery and rucksack

Recently schools have asked children to take in their own pens and pencils. They really don’t need loads so a set of colouring pencils and a pens or pencils to write with are perfectly adequate along with a rubber and pencil sharpener. Smiggle is very popular but you can also get them from your local shop or a lot of us have loads at home.

Where bags are concerned you’d be surprised how much primary school kids are required to have so a bag big enough to hold it all but not so big they can’t carry it! Again ours come from Smiggle, they do all sorts of different sized rucksacks to suit pre schoolers up to tweens.

smiggle rucksacks, backpacks, school bags

Junior rocket backpack with wings and large football backpack both from Smiggle

Drinking bottle for school

Since water fountains are out of action a drinking bottle is essential. Some schools provide drinking bottles with the school emblem on, like ours. Thing is they are usually plastic and don’t keep water cool, a stainless steel bottle is ideal for this. There are loads of different ones available to suit all budgets.

I think that covers pretty much everything – what would you add?



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