Ten Things I Have Learned from Ten Weeks in Isolation

I have now spent a grand total of ten weeks “behind the door” due to self isolation

I’m shielding because I am on immunosuppressants for Crohn’s disease and haven’t been outside my front door for ten weeks. Unless you count two trips to the hospital for immunosuppressant therapy, putting the bins out and watching the kids run up and down the road (we don’t live on a main road – I am not a monster).

So, in those ten weeks of lockdown what have I learnt?

I wrote about the first week of lockdown here. I spent a good amount of time that week crying. But I can also see the joy in being shut away: 11 things that make us happy during lockdown. Yes, day drinking is on there…

1. I am a bit of a judgy pants

I try not to be. I really, really do, but I find myself wondering if “all those people on a walk actually live together” or “I didn’t realise the neighbours over there lived with their parents” you get the gist. 

Also, the ice cream van, seriously? The ice cream van, has been coming around here tempting the potentially corona ridden children out of the safety of their homes. Actually let’s not kid ourselves, they’ve been scootering up and down the path together for the last two weeks. 

Frankly it is none of my business but if they were to ask if I had nothing better to do with my time then the answer, at the moment, would be NO. No I don’t.

2. I am jealous of those going out 

I love seeing everyone’s photos of their daily exercise but I secretly resent them for it. It’d not their fault they are allowed out and I am not but, frankly, fuck them.

3. My kids don’t stop

They just don’t stop. They eat, constantly. They make noise, constantly. They follow me EVERYWHERE. I long for the day I can take a piss or shower in peace.

4. Time moves at different speeds

I shit you not. Some minutes fly past while others d r a g. I have to admit the time pretty much flies by, or at least that’s my excuse for getting fuck all done each day.

5. I am not naturally houseproud aka I fucking hate cleaning

I have to level with you this has not come as a surprise to me, or anyone who knows me. I had grand plans of getting rid of clutter and cleaning and, ten weeks in, the house remains a shit tip. In fact I would go so far as to say it actually looks worse. After all this is over I must find house cleaners

6. Teaching is not my forte

Years ago, before Big L started school, I had ideas about homeschooling. Yeah. No. I would still like to try it because what we are doing now is not homeschooling by choice. My plans were going out for days and learning about castles by visiting them. Teaching him about nature by actually leaving the fucking house. Sadly we are not able to do that. We did stumble across a Water Boatman in the paddling pool the other day and we all learnt that they can fly. So that was nice.

7. I eat when I am bored, tired, stressed, awake

I mean I knew that before but I have put on a good half stone in the ten weeks. I blame all the baking (pre flour and sugar shortage) and not actually moving much. I am not sure I am really that bothered although parts of me touch, rub and sweat which previously didn’t which is annoying

8. I am in love with my garden

I really am. It isn’t the nicest garden but I have a new found appreciation for it. Every morning I get up and rush to see what is flowering today and every evening I water all my plants. It really is good for my soul. I got new pots and a delivery of flowers from the local garden centre at the beginning of lockdown and it is a real bringer of joy for me *sigh*

9. I hate bras

I really do. I can count on my fingers how many times I have worn one since self isolating. Alas, I have huge boobs and bras are pretty necessary for going out. 

10. Social Media is a blessing and a curse

Social media is kind of my thing. It’s part of my business and I love it. I even set up a Facebook group because of lockdown (you can join it here: Erica’s Lockdown Lock-In). I love the community in my group and on my own page Erica: The Incidental Parent and in groups that I’m in. The support, sharing highs and lows. But there really are some arseholes on Social Media.

It can also be terrible for your mental health. Lots of people are worried about whether they are doing enough during lockdown and, let me tell you now, you are. You don’t have to have mastered the art of making sour dough using your own yeast thingamyjig that you fermented for a week. Great if you are, that’s cool, if not then you aren’t alone. Plus where the fuck are you getting your flour you shitbags? You haven’t learned how to play an instrument over the last few weeks? That does not make you a failure. Just getting out of bed can be an achievement, trust me…

So these are just a few things I needed to get off my chest… How about you?



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