What does your office chair say about you?

It’s been a while since I worked in an office

But one thing I remember well was that hierarchy was fairly obvious from the Furniture At Work. Even in open plan offices bosses and managers tend to have their own office, they are the divas of the workplace.

Every office worker has a chair to match their personality #MYCHAIRSTYLE

The Boss – The Ultimate Diva

Obviously the boss would have the nicest office. Glass table, inspirational artwork, pot plant (usually a yucca) and so on. The stationery would be neatly arranged on their desk, along with a blotting pad (never used). Their chair would be leather and convey power. Think Bond Villain and you are somewhere along the right lines.

The Sales Department Manager – Cool AF (but a bit slippery)

The Sales Manager would have a similar office, not *quite* as nice but it still conveyed power. Usually full of cool AF gadgets and toys with sales figures dotted around. No leather here, it would be a cool mesh chair that said “I am one of the gang” – apart from when the sales figures aren’t to their liking.

The Accounts Department Manager – Good with numbers (not so much people)

The accounts department manager usually cares not for cool. They are a practical breed of a frugal nature. They have the bare minimum to enable them to do their work efficiently and in relative comfort. A simple swivel chair will suffice, along with an endless supply of tea. They just want to be left alone to get on with their job.

Department Supervisors – Wannabe Divas

Now, I was one of these so I have to tread carefully… There are different types of supervisors. Ones that clambered their way up, ones that worked their way up and those that ended up there because there was, frankly, no one else to do the job. Guess which one was me (hint I am not a high achiever).

Department Supervisors don’t have their own office. They are in the thick of things ‘supervising’.

Between Department Supervisors there is a friendly rivalry, along with an amount of bitterness about who is getting paid the most and who does the most work. They all have to have the same chair otherwise at least one will get the hump.

Everybody else – Overworked and Underpaid (mostly)

Their desks are either all the same and separated by low dividers where you can just see the top of your colleague’s head only. Or a mis-match of desks that range from 20 years to 2 weeks old. Their computers are all different and the oldest serving worker moans when the new person gets a brand new one.

If the office is more than 5 years old then the chairs will reflect that. They will all have the typical office chair on wheels. The occasional one will be fraying on the seat, a wheel will be wonky but they are still great for races on a Friday afternoon

*This was a collaborative post

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