Super Things Rivals of Kaboom Turbo Ice & Pizza Copter Review & Giveaway

We were sent the toys for this review, all images and views are my own (and Little L’s)

Super Things have been a go-to toy in this house since I first reviewed them way back in 2019 when they were known as SuperZings

We have reviewed a few Super Things sets over the years and still have all those toys, and my boys are fairly heavy handed so that goes to show they stand the test of (play) time.

When I told Little L we would be reviewing another two Super Things toys he was thrilled. We regularly have to buy a Super Things blind bag, starter pack (which includes figures and a book) or tin when we visit the supermarket. In fact, he loves Super Things SO MUCH that we bought him a box of 50 Super Things blind bags for his birthday last week. He’s still in search of the elusive ULTRA RARE Colourflash from the Super Things Neon Power series though but he was thrilled all the same. I think that probably gives you an insight into Little L’s love for Super Things.

What are Super Things toys?

Super Things are collactable toys that are everyday objects transformed into heroes or villains. The figures themselves are fairly small and available in a variety of ways like blind bags as I mentioned above. They live in Kaboom City and there are various playsets and vehicles available to expand your Super Things world. There are also Kazoom Kids which are larger, articulated figures that generally man the vehicles.

On this occasion we were sent two playsets to review from the Super Things range Pizza Copter which is a hero and Turbo Ice which is a villain…

Super Things Pizza Copter Review

Inside the box you will find the Pizza Copter, an articulated Kazoom Kid Super Slice Pizza Pilot and a paper bag with the Super Thing character Slicey and three pizza discs.

The Kazzom Kid Pizza Copter Pilot fits into seat of the Pizza Copter and holds the steering wheel while Slicey sits to his side. The Pizza Discs act as missiles that you load into the front of the Pizza Copter:

You launch the Pizza Disc missiles by pulling the trigger at the back of the Pizza Copter – they go a fair way!

Louis loved the Pizza Copter and the fact that the discs fly out at a hell of a lick impressed him no end!

The Pizza Copter RRP ยฃ14.00 is available from The Entertainer, Amazon and Toymaster

Super Things Turbo Ice Review 

Inside the box you get the villainous Turbo Ice bike, the exclusive Kazoom Kid Badnilla Ice Biker and a paper blind bag containing the Super Thing character Mad Cone and three ice cream ball missiles.

Kazoon Kid Badnilla rides the bike, holding the handlebars while Mad Cone rides pillion. The ice cream ball missiles are stored in the side and individually go in the launcher on the side of the bike. The missiles are launched by pressing a lever.

Super Things Turbo Ice is available from The Entertainer, Amazon and Toymaster

What did Little L think of his new Super Things toys?

Little L was delighted with them! He really likes the bright colours and the story behind the characters (there are even cartoons!). Considering it was his birthday weekend he spent a good part of it playing with all his Super Things characters and toys. He likes to set up a Super Things city and we have a battle between the heroes and villains!

I think they are good value for money and like the fact that the Kazoom Kids are interchangeable between vehicles. You can collect as many or few as you like, we have a big box full of the characters along with various vehicles, structures, robots and so on. Little L has been playing with them for over three years now and enjoys them more than ever.


To be in with a chance of winning one of the Superthings vehicles head over to my Instagram and follow the instructions:


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