Lite Brite Classic and Mini in their boxes, side by side on grass

Lite Brite Classic & Mini – Our Review

We were sent the products for review – all thoughts are our own. Also contains affiliate links 

The Lite Brite Classic that has been around since the late 1960s has just been given a younger sibling, the Lite Brite Mini

You might remember the Lite Brite Classic from your youth – it depicted a clown on the box, you don’t see many clowns these days, I can’t think why…

The updated version of both toys are peg boards that come with a variety of coloured pegs that you use to create a design, either your own or using one of the templates that are included. They both light up, illuminating your design and look very effective, especially in the dark.

The holes are in rows so creating designs is rather like Aquabeads but a lot less faff in my humble opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Aquabeads but they are very fiddly for my fat fingers.

Lite Brite Mini & Lite Brite Classic toys laid side by side. Illuminated peg boards one with a colourful heart design and the other with a colourful butterfly

The Lite Brite Classic Review

What’s in the Lite Brite box?

The Lite Brite Classic is the larger of the two. It comes with an assortment of around 200 different coloured pegs, 6 templates to follow and 4 different LED light settings – constant, flicker, flash & fade.

What we thought of the Lite Brite Classic

First of all the batteries aren’t included. You’ll need 3 AA batteries and a screwdriver before you can get going. 

The pegs are in a resealable plastic bag, I have to admit I am a tad disappointed that there isn’t a peg reservoir in the unit to keep them in – I can see them disappearing up the vacuum cleaner but that is a minor gripe, I just like to think of the practicalities.

I went straight in to create my own design – I know it’s meant for the kids but if adults can do colouring I can play on the Lite Brite, OK? I have to admit I found it very therapeutic and was really pleased with the result. 

It is worth noting that my design used nearly all of the pegs but extra pegs are £5.99 and available from Amazon.

Illuminated colourful butterfly created on the Lite Brite Classic, using different coloured pegs
My butterfly design on the Lite Brite Classic

Where can I buy Lite Brite Classic?

The Lite Brite Classic RRP £18.99 is available from John Lewis, Amazon and all good toy shops.

Lite Bright Mini Review

The Lite Brite Mini is the smaller of the two (obviously) and is designed so it can be taken out and about.

What’s in the Lite Brite Mini box?

The box contains the light up peg board, an assortment of around 70 coloured pegs and templates, it is an either on or off light situation no fancy flashing or fading but batteries are included – HURRAH!

What did we think of the Lite Brite Mini? 

Again, there is no where to keep the pegs. I really think they have missed a trick here as this one is designed to be taken out and about but there is nowhere to store the pegs so I would take a little pot to keep them in otherwise they’ll end up down rolling around on the car floor; that aside it’s a handy size to take out. The pegs are smaller than the classic version so a tad more fiddly (and there are currently no extra pegs available to buy) but they are a great way to practice fine motor skills.

As the board has less holes than the classic there is less scope for elaborate designs but it is a nice way to make smaller pictures.

I used their heart template to make this design.

Where can I buy the Lite Brite Mini?

The Lite Brite Mini RRP £9.99 will be available from John Lewis and is currently available from Amazon.


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