Whacky Shots World Warriors Review

There are few things in life a 6 year old boy loves more than a sling shot.

With that in mind when the chance to review Whacky Shots arised I jumped at the chance. When Big L got home from school on the day it arrived he was incredibly excited “I always wanted one of those, Mummy”. To be honest I think he was laying it on a bit thick but, nevertheless, I felt I had gained “mum” points.

Whacky Shots World Warriors

Whacky Shots is more than just a sling shot.

In the World Warriors pack you are sent

8 x Whacky Shots which are rubber creatures that you fling from the “Power Launchers”

8 x Trading Cards

8 x Trading Cards Bases

1 x Target Net

2 x Power Launchers (sling shots)

6 x Crash Cones

1 x Collector Booklet & Poster

The back of the pack

I’m not one for reading the rules

so I decided to whip everything out and give it a go. As a result I have sore knees – it turns out my aim in pretty poor!

There is more than one aim to the game, which is great because when the kids (or slightly inebriated adults as is often the case *ahem*) get bored with hitting their knees with the Whacky Shots they can attempt to hit targets.

The various Whacky Shots have different “elements”

Fire (beats nature)

Nature (beats electricity)

Electricity (beats water)

Water (beats fire)

Atomic (beats all)

As many people can play as you like but you need enough “Whacky Shots” for each player to have one of each element.

You then need to select your best cards and stand the in their stands facing so your opponent cannot see what is on the card. You need to have an equal number of cards.

You then decide who goes first to try and hit an opponents card.

Whichever card is hit is shown to all players.

Should you hit more than one then the shooter gets to choose which card is in play.

If the element of the Whacky Shot beats the element on the card the shooter wins. The card is left down and the shooter can take another shot.

However, if the element on the card beats the Whacky Shot element the card owner wins and the card is placed back into the card stand (still facing away from the opponents). The shooter can take back their Whacky Shot

Should the shooter miss any cards they take back their Whacky Shot and the next player has a go.

If the element on both draws then the card is put back in the stand and the game moves on.

This continues until there is only one card standing – WE HAVE A WINNER!

A Whacky Shot in action

Although Big L (who’s currently 6 and the minimum age recommended) enjoyed the game I’m fairly sure his attention span would not last a whole game with a friend of the same age. I think it would be well suited to slightly older children.

I can confirm that two fully grown adults enjoyed pinging each other into the wee small hours…

The Whacky Shots World Warriors pack was sent to me free of charge for the purposes of this review, as always all opinions are my own. Whacky Shots are made by Brainstorm Toys who are fast becoming a firm favourite in this house. This set retails at £14.99 and is available from Amazon (the below is an affiliate link). You can find more of our reviews here

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