Untamed Raptors – Review

Fingerlings just got a ferocious upgrade in the form of Untamed Raptors

Last Christmas it was all about the Fingerlings. Those lovable monkeys that were on every child’s Christmas list. They came into stock and went out again in the blink of an eye. People were scouring Tesco in the dead of night (I kid you not). And, yes, I got one for Big L, from Amazon.

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Big L with his Untamed Raptor

The original Fingerlings were (and are) very cute but probably only appeal to children who like “cute” toys.  The recent addition of the Fingerlings Hugs (which we have also reviewed here) were an instant hit in our house.

Then in roared Untamed Raptors to appeal to the kids who like toys with a bit of bite

The untamed Raptors are the same size as the Fingerlings monkeys. They are built around the same design but they aren’t cutesy pets. They arrive in a plastic box complete with batteries. Oh, how I love toys that come with batteries! You turn it on using the switch on the back of the Raptor’s head and off you go!

The instructions are simple…

The Untamed Raptors have two modes – Tamed and Untamed

To have it in tamed mode you merely gently stroke its head. This will mean your Untamed Raptor will be more friendly

To have it in Untamed Mode (which is far more fun) you have three options:

Poke its face three times

Hang it upside down

Shake it vigorously

Any one of those three would put me in untamed mode to be honest!

There are also games you can play with it and it responds. If you blow down it’s nose it sneezes, if you clap you hands it might sing you a song, if you stroke it it responds with a dinosaurs version of a purr. After all that playing your Untamed Raptor will probably be tired, in which case you can cradle it to sleep.

Untamed Raptors are a really good price in my opinion (and I am tight as!) and great fun. I’m always impressed at the quality of Wowwee toys too. They retail at £14.99 and are available from most good toy shops and from Amazon (this is an affiliate link)

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Untamed Raptor



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