Zuru Smashers Series 2 Gross Halloween Party

Zuru Smashers Series 2 are collectibles aimed at kids of 5 and over

There is no doubt about collectibles for kids are huge and Halloween is getting bigger every year

This year we decided to throw a small party for Big L and a couple of his friends with the help of Zuru toys.

Regular readers will know that we reviewed a Zuru Toys Robo Alive Spider recently and were very impressed you can check it out here. If you aren’t a regular reader you really should be. I’m incredibly entertaining – especially on Facebook (here). I should come with a profanity warning though

Zuru kindly sent us some of their grossest and scariest toys to keep the boys entertained, along with a few decorations.

Zuru Toys, Smashers Series 2 Gross, Robo Alive, Oosh Slime, Oosh Fun Foam

The Zuru toys we were sent for our party

We decorated the dining area and set the table with the Zuru Toys ready with the toys for the boys to put to the test

At 4pm some very excited little devils (well one devil, a ghost and a pumpkin) turned up. They headed for the Halloween, erm, grotto and were thrilled to see the toys that were waiting for them.
They went straight for the Series 2 Gross Smashers.

The Zuru Smashers Series 2 Gross were divided up and duly thrown on the floor one at a time

Zuru Smashers Series 2 Gross are made to look like eyeballs and they contain a collectible figure

The Zuru Smashers Series 2 figures range from “Common” to “Ultra Rare”

Obviously the Ultra Rare are the ultimate goal. The idea is to throw the eyeball – the aptly names “Smashball” on the floor which “shatters” revealing the collectible inside.

Ultra Rare, Smashers, Smashers Series 2 Gross, smashball

Big L’s Ultra Rare Smasher

Each of the Smashers Series 2 Gross collectibles come from a different range:

Toilet Humour

Filthy Food

Ultra Rare Ooze Dudes

Smash Trash

Odd Bodies

Glow In The Dark


Icky Insects

Rare Awful Animals

Big L scored an “Ultra Rare Ooze Dude” which was in a packet and was covered in slime. Cue lots of “ewww groooossss” accompanied by admiration! The Smashball shells come with instructions to remake them too so they are not wasted.

Next they took turns playing with the Oosh Slime

I’ll be honest I don’t get the hype where Slime is concerned but the boys were overjoyed getting it all over their hands. We were sent some rainbow slime which has layers of different coloured slime but it comes in all sorts of colours.

The Oosh Fun Foam was met with some trepidation

Until they found out this one glows in the dark – kids love stuff that glows in the dark! The Foam is an unusual consistency and has small beads in it. It is kind of like modelling clay and you can create shapes with it.

Finally, the Robo Alive Spider

Big L wanted to give this one away as he already has one so they played an impromptu game of pass the spider and the winner got to keep it. The winner was very pleased with his prize!


Zuru Toys, Smashers Series 2 Gross, Robo Alive, Oosh Slime, Oosh Fun Foam

Giveaways Toys!

Zuru have sent me a set of toys to giveaway they include:

1x Smashers 1 pack

1 x Smashers 3 pack

1 x Smashers 8 pack

Oosh 2 x small slime

1 Robo Alive Spider

Zuru Smashers

Smashers are available from all good toys shops and from Amazon (affiliate link)

You can find my other competitions here! And do keep an eye (sign up to be notified of new posts or follow me on social media) as I have some more great giveaways coming up too.

*We were sent the toys free of charge for purposes of this review, as usual all words and opinion are my own

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