Halloween, oh how I love thee I’ve long had a fascination for the macabre. I even dabbled in witchcraft for a while (which will come as no surprise to anyone who’s actually met me I’m sure). As a child I wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating, my mum believed that it was begging. She still does truth be told. But I’m now I’m a fully grown adult (though that’s debatable in some circles) and I can do what I bloody well want! Obviously I don’t go banging on doors, dressed in my best costume, asking for sweets. No, I hide behind my children. HalloweenRead More →

Smashers Series 2 Gross

Zuru Smashers Series 2 are collectibles aimed at kids of 5 and over There is no doubt about collectibles for kids are huge and Halloween is getting bigger every year This year we decided to throw a small party for Big L and a couple of his friends with the help of Zuru toys. Regular readers will know that we reviewed a Zuru Toys Robo Alive Spider recently and were very impressed you can check it out here. If you aren’t a regular reader you really should be. I’m incredibly entertaining – especially on Facebook (here). I should come with a profanity warning though ZuruRead More →

Fingerlings just got a ferocious upgrade in the form of Untamed Raptors Last Christmas it was all about the Fingerlings. Those lovable monkeys that were on every child’s Christmas list. They came into stock and went out again in the blink of an eye. People were scouring Tesco in the dead of night (I kid you not). And, yes, I got one for Big L, from Amazon. The original Fingerlings were (and are) very cute but probably only appeal to children who like “cute” toys.  The recent addition of the Fingerlings Hugs (which we have also reviewed here) were an instant hit in our house. ThenRead More →

chatham dockyard, days out in kent, family days out in Kent

As a 400-year-old dock yard, Chatham Dockyard might not be your first thought when looking for a day out with children But I had heard great things about it from friends so when Chatham Dockyard invited us to go for the day I jumped at the chance. It is a fairly easy journey from here in Sevenoaks and is well signposted (although I used my satnav). Once there we got a bit confused by the parking but then I am easily confused. We just parked in the overflow car park – there is plenty of parking available. We headed to the main building and waitedRead More →

robo alive spider, zuru, halloween

With Halloween almost upon us what better way than to scare yourself silly with this Robo Alive Spider Zuru toys kindly sent Big L this bag full of goodies including Oosh Putty, Oosh Slime, Smashers,  Tangle and LOL Surprise. And, last but not least, the Robo Alive Spider… Taking the spider out of the box is no mean feat I have to say. There is a plastic tag clipping it in and I had to use a teaspoon to remove it! Once out all you have to do is flip the switch though as it comes with batteries – hurrah! It’s a bit more noisyRead More →

It’s world mental health day and I’m feeling very emotional. I organised a coffee morning, including a raffle, in aid of West Kent Mind. I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s been a bit overwhelming but, my god, it’s been worthwhile. I don’t know how much we raised, but that’s not really the point. The main thing was raising awareness which I think we’ve done. I’m so proud of myself this World Mental Health Day But not just myself all the people that helped, that donated prizes, cakes, time. Those that supported me personally by coming up and having a cuppa and a chat.Read More →

I can honestly say the Fingerlings Hugs monkey is the favourite thing I’ve reviewed. Read on to find out why… We’ve had Boris, the Fingerlings Hugs for a few weeks now, he was originally meant for my 7 year old but he was quickly swiped by his younger brother. They share nicely, most of the time. Every person that has set foot in my house since we got Boris has fallen in love with him. My hairdresser has even bought one for her daughter’s birthday – she was so impressed! Boris arrived in a box. He comes complete with batteries so there are no tantrumsRead More →

It’s Christmas!! I know, I know It’s only October but the John Lewis Christmas Shop opened a couple of weeks ago in Oxford Street, London A friend and I were going up for an event in the evening so we thought we would make an afternoon of it and went up early to have a look around. She had seen the John Lewis Christmas Shop on This Morning that week and, being a huge Christmas lover (like me) wanted to check it out. We weren’t disappointed. The Christmas Shop is located on the third floor of the John Lewis Oxford Street store, London. We headedRead More →

We were very lucky to be asked to review a Zoomer Hungry Bunny by Spin Master Spin Master took the Christmas market by storm a couple of years ago with Hatchimals. I am not ashamed to say I had a Hatchimals on “stock alert” to ensure I could get one for Big L. Yes I am THAT parent! Big L got a Hatchimals and loved it so when I heard of Zoomer Hungry Bunnies I was keen to review one. They are quite different to Hatchimals in that they don’t “hatch” but they do do some similar things which I will go into in moreRead More →