I have a huge love of nature When life is getting me down I try to get out for a walk at our local nature reserve. As soon as I get there I find my worries melting away. I recently discovered Nature Wallpaper I have been introduced to nature wallpaper from Wallsauce.com and it is a thing of beauty. Imagine decorating a whole room, or even just a feature wall with your favourite nature scene? Trees, a waterfall, a safari – there are even penguins if that’s your thing! May favourite is here: I love this wallpaper because it reminds me of my favourite place I haveRead More →

It is almost a year to the day since we moved to our new house Little L has had his own room since then and we hadn’t got round to really making it his own. I was over the moon when Stickerscape asked if we could work together. Of course I jumped at the chance and chose a beautiful set of Dinosaur wall stickers. Little L has a bit of a thing for dinosaurs Being the younger brother he is quite lucky in that he can play with his big brother’s vast toy collection which includes model dinosaurs ROAR! He is a bit dino crazy, soRead More →

What does the colour of your bedroom say about you? Our house is rented and decorated by our landlord. However, that does not mean we cannot stamp our personality in the bedroom. We moved a year ago! I’m so glad we did because we have a bigger house for the same rent. It is also much more tastefully decorated. Our old bedroom had yellow walls and an orange carpet – YUCK! This house is decorated the same throughout, with muted grey tones on the walls, white ceilings and *shock horror* cream carpets (I’m not a fan of a cream carpet I have to admit theRead More →

If you’ve got a fairly small home, you may find it’s frustratingly easy to become cluttered. When storage space is limited, it can be difficult keeping everything clean and organised. However, there are ways you can make the most of small spaces in order to de-clutter family rooms. Here, you’ll discover just some of them. First things first – de-clutter The first thing you should do is to start de-cluttering the home. This means, throwing out anything which you don’t use or need anymore. Do you have a drawer full of receipts, paperwork and all kinds of miscellaneous stuff? If so, now’s the time to sortRead More →

Spring has arrived and while you’re waiting for the weather to get a little warmer, why not start by bringing a little spring into your home? After the long, dark winter days, what better way to prepare for a fresh new season than to give the home a spring makeover? Here, you’ll discover the best ways to bring a little Spring into your home this season. Change the colour scheme One of the easiest, yet most dramatic ways to add spring to your home is to change the colour scheme. Yellows, light blues and bright greens all work especially well at creating a fresh, invitingRead More →

You may have read that we moved house last year (you can read about why here). Despite it being a terrible time for us to move it actually worked out for the best and we’ve ended up with a bigger house and garden. The only thing is the garden is a bit, well, boring! Our old house had well established borders which added a lot of green but this house is just grass and a fence. What to do?! Since we rent we can’t really make borders so what I’m planning on is tubs, lots of tubs! I am a big fan of tubs becauseRead More →

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In case it has escaped your notice Mother’s Day is fast approaching. As usual I have left this guide until the last minute…unless you’re reading this after 11th March 2018 in which case I’m early – you’re welcome! I decided to create a list of things other than personalised tea towels, teapots and books because, well, I don’t want tea towels, teapots or books and I’m sure I’m not alone. What I would REALLY like is a night out on the tiles and a day off to suffer a hangover in peace but that isn’t going to happen so without further ado feast your eyesRead More →

    We may all be inundated with snow right now but as soon as the white stuff clears, it’s full steam ahead on the garden planning. We all want our gardens to look amazing for summer, right? Fake grass is this years must have garden accessory. Whether you’re freshening up the decking, replacing a lawn or creating a unique garden feature – it looks amazing! You all know I’m not shy of a bit of DIY so when I heard you can self-install fake grass to save on fitting cost, my ears picked up. There’s hundreds of fitting guides available to choose from, howeverRead More →